Saturday, February 6, 2010

Desert Road

Im in a background mood for some reason. Hope you guys like it :)


Anonymous said...

I love every part of this from the cacti, to the sun, to the clouds, the skull, the rocks.

What's up with the shadows on the telephone polls though? Shouldn't they be stretching away from the sun?

J. Wood said...

Hey Ray,
Thanks for the comment on my blog, it's nice to hear from you. I finished up my work at CN so no I'm not on the third floor anymore. But it was really nice meeting you and feel free to keep in touch with me. You are very talented and I imagine we'll cross paths in this industry again at some point. Best of luck with everything and have fun with the rest of your internship!

Steven Estrada said...

This reminds me of the looney tunes, road runner vs. wil e. coyote background. nice tho!