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some stuff im workin on for my web animation class

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I was shooting for a happy walk/skip

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Mr.Incredible's long lost brother haha

Sorry bout the crappy resolution, I didn't even render this guy out. I just did a print screen and put everything together in photoshop, lol.

Here's the character I used to model this guy, minus the hair.

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poop deck

Some old characters, I upgraded the parrot though, the other one wasn't doing it for me. The parrot is actually my favorite out of this whole piece, haha. Hope you guys like. Later

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This is our first project we had to do in our character modeling class. We had to pick some kind of quadruped type animal and model it in Maya. The anatomy isn't quite there but hey, gimme a break I've never done organic modeling before. I still want to bring it into zbrush to add more details and what not (still gotta learn that first). I hope to model one of my characters as soon as I get the chance.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

gator doooooone

I noticed that a lot of people have alligators on their blog so I figured I'll go ahead and draw some too. Hope you guys like em. See ya later alligator! (sorry, I couldn't resist)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Intro to Maya

One of our projects was to model out a building in perspective so it can match up a photo pretty accurately. Then we had to project that photo onto the building and have a camera pass through the scene making the photo look 3D. I still have to put in a sky and fix the steps a little bit, but other than that I think it's coming along pretty well.

So our first assignment was to model a hand, and as you can see its kinda eeeehhhh. I'm taking character modeling next quarter so I hope to learn more techniques and what nots. I can't wait to model out one of my characters in 3D!

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almost forgot

I never got around to post this (my lazy ass didn't want to go through the process of scanning it). These are just different versions of that wrestler guy I drew not to long ago.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

throw backs

Here are some stuff I did back in 07/08? But uhh yeah, just thought I keep this sucker updated.