Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Classes

New quarter started this week which means new classes! I'm taking Sculpture for Animation so that should be pretty interesting. Also taking Digital Illustration which by the way I was ten minutes late to on the first day because I was sitting in the classroom next door thinking I was in the right room, haha. I finally get to use Maya in my 3d Camera Technique class so that should be pretty fun. I'm use to using 3dsmax so I hope the transition won't be to difficult. I hear the interface between the two are pretty similar so getting use to shouldn't be too hard, plus the teacher seems like a really cool guy with tons of experience, check out what he's worked on . Last but not least I'm taking Advance Drawing for Animation with one of my favorite teachers Mike Rogers. He's worked for Nickelodeon for the most part of he's career as a background/layout/character designer as well as other various studios. I'm going to ask him about Red Giant our schools production team and see If I can get in and help work on a couple projects. He ask me to come help out last year but I was to busy with other classes and work so I never had the time. I'll try to post more school/personal work as the weeks go by, but until then here's a few designs I made of some random diner people.


kpdesigns said...

damn dude. I love how stylized this set of characters are. Teach me man. I'll pay you..haha. See ya in Digital Illustration.


Raymond Santos said...

haha thanks man.

Puga Vida said...

ha tell Mike i said Hello! and as of you joining Red Giant, Go for it, but you might be the best designer there, and end up working on a shitty project. but the best part about that is you get to pitch ur own shizz at the end of the quarter, and have your friends help you out with it